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Ameyoko Street Food (Ueno, Tokyo)

Hello everybody!

Today’s quick blog post isn’t really “kawaii” but I just want to share one of my favorite places in Tokyo (specifically in Ueno), Ameyoko. <3


If  you are foodie or you just want to take a break from all the Japanese food, you might want to visit Ameyoko!

We escaped the summer heat by visiting this place at night time.


Just to add a kawaii touch to this entry, here’s a photo of Inside Out plushie heaven from a random UFO catcher we spotted while walking towards our foodie destination. <3



Artsy photo taken by @justin_dj

When in Ameyoko and craving for something heavy + spicy, Doner Kebab is a must-eat!




Korean milk tea / drinks for refreshments!

If you are craving for authentic Chinese / Turkish / Korean street food, Ameyoko will satisfy your tummy!

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3 thoughts on “Ameyoko Street Food (Ueno, Tokyo)

  1. Hi Kaila and Ashley,

    It’s really nice to see fellow Filipino bloggers based in Japan! Been to Ueno’s overrated Park and Zoo couple of times but never been to Ameyoko, gave me the reason to explore this area next time! Hope to bump into you guys someday!


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