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Narita Airport Mini Guide

Whenever I go back home, I would always make sure that I come earlier before my scheduled flight (maybe 5 hours before? haha) so I could roam around Narita Airport and just chill. Last week, I was able to explore Terminal 2’s 4th floor of shopping goodness inside the airport. To my surprise, I saw a giant inflatable Pikachu! Sadly, it was only meant for toddlers / kids, haha!

I love Narita Airport because I can have my “last look” / “last taste” of Japan since there are so many shops and restaurants to visit and dine in. My favorite souvenir recommendations from Narita would be Sakura Matcha Kitkat, Tokyo Banana, Royce’s Maccha Almond Chocolate, and Japanese fashion magazines! Also, I was quite shocked to discover that the Starbucks branch in Narita airport has a space allocated for those who need portable work desks. And they also sell all special mugs / tumblers from different places (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kobe) which I think many Starbucks fans would love to collect! : )

I’ve taken some pictures to show you how cool this airport is! It’s really far from Manila’s or just any kind of airport I’d been to, haha.


How cute are these? Pikachu in stewardess uniform waaaah! Only from Narita’s Pokemon Store!


Cutest Japanese socks!

IMG_2709_kawaii IMG_2704_kawaii

Blue Sky is a shop located at the 4th floor of Narita airport Terminal 2. They’ve got all the noms you want to take home.

IMG_2726_kawaii IMG_2727_kawaii IMG_2721_kawaii

If you’re a Cool JapanLover, you might hoard these Japanese culture books from a Narita Airport bookstore!

IMG_2724_kawaii IMG_2706_kawaii

They also have MUJI to GO for Muji fans!

IMG_2708_kawaii narita_kawaii

If you’re looking for a specific store / category, just access their touch-screen map located near the escalator connecting 3rd and 4th floor.

tokyo banana_kawaii

After roaming around, I went home with a Tokyo Banana box!

I really recommend Tokyo Banana (original flavor) because it’s soooo good! Reminds me of inipit delicacy from the Philippines!

tokyo banana02_kawaii

For more info about Narita Airport, here is their website.

Terminal 1 & 2 List of Shops / Restaurants



How about you? Have you been to Narita Airport? What were your favorites?


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