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Ghibli Museum in Roppongi Hills

Hi Kawaii Travelers!

Kaila and I went to Ghibli museum in Roppongi hills a few days ago and we’re excited to share this experience with you.


The Ghibli Museum started last July 7 and it will run until September 11 only. So if you are in Tokyo during this time, better not miss this rare Ghibli exhibit!

Pro-tip: Fall in line as early as 9:30 am so you won’t wait that much. We arrived at 10:00am and the line was already long.

Ahhh dream come true! We were able to ride the catbus!! Who says it isn’t real?

Can you guess which character this is?

(Left: Ashley, Right: Kaila)

This is our friend Yumi-san, who went to the exhibit with us. She’s super nice!


Totoro at the counter.

(Borrowed photo from fashion-press.net since we could not take photos at this area.)

You’ll see more Ghibli characters from Nausicaa to their latest film titled Red Turtle at the exhibit. 



Too amazing in real life!

Look how crowded it is. Tickets cost ¥1,800 for adults.

It’s a little bit expensive but worth it since you can also see Tokyo’s aerial view from the deck.


Tokyo from the top.


While you’re already there, don’t forget to check out the special Studio Ghibli pop-up shop! Here are some of the photos:







Mori Art Museum Access Guide | Ghibli Expo Main Page


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