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How to Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland And Where to Find Gluten-Free Food There

IMG_0300_cb Konnichiwa kawaii travellers,

Today we’re going to travel back in time.. Christmas 2012 with Kaila& Leen, Summer 2013 with Kaila & Emika and Christmas 2014 with Kaila, Ashley, Emika, Gervin & Kiko. Hope you all enjoy our tour to the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Of course, Tokyo Disneyland is our bias among all the Disneylands in the World. Although we haven’t been to the others, we just assume. Hihi!




How to Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland / Disney Sea
by Kaila

1. When you want to try rides, I would suggest “SPACE MOUNTAIN” and the one with the log (forgot the name *_*). Do NOT wait in line for the rides because those can eat up your time.

2. Get a “fast pass” so that you can reserve a time slot for you after 2 hours or so for that ride. Only line up when the waiting time is around 20 minutes max.

3. Before riding or anything else, have a quick meal first (just eat the recommended turkey leg and you’ll gain so much energy!!) and then plan out where you want to go with the map guide.

4. Do not get stressed by wanting to visit every corner / nook of the magical land. Your aim is to have fun so just go with the flow and walk around~! You’ll never know who to see! It may be Cinderella, Stitch, Marie.. or your prince charming? Haha!

5. If you plan to rest for a long time, always get a fast pass so that the waiting time wouldn’t be wasted~

6. For the night parade, you wouldn’t want to miss it so better go on stand-by mode 15 minutes before. You can use your map as your seat cover for the floor~ or better yet, bring a small picnic mat!

7. Do not go home without witnessing the fireworks display. It is the best / goosebump-inducing event in Disneyland!!

8. Take lots of photos, forget all your worries and just ENJOY.

DSC_0952 DSC_0954 DSC_0955 How to go to Tokyo Disneyland by train? Here you go:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.50.24 AM DSC_4118 DSC_0956 DSC_0985 Question: I have food allergies, how can I make requests to alter ingredients for my food? Where to find gluten-free food inside the theme park? Can I bring my own food instead?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to find vegetarian options, gluten-free food in Tokyo lately. Although Kaila and I (Ashley) are kind-of health conscious, meaning we try to eat healthy if we can but for convenience when going out or traveling, we just enjoy and eat whatever we like (or whatever is cute). However, that is not the case for some, so we are trying are best to search for solutions for our readers who have dietary limitations. And, here’s our first step. We’ve find out that these restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland accommodate people with restrictions on their diet upon request. And yes, you can bring your own food inside and just explain about your condition to them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.14.59 AM Here’s the link for reservations only in Japanese. Full report about their initiatives could be found here.

DSC_1000 DSC_1001 DSC_1002 IMG_0322_cb

IMG_0403_cb You just have to try this Mickey tiramisu ice cream while you’re there!

DSC_1003 DSC_1006 DSC_1010 DSC_1011 DSC_1013 DSC_1016 Turkey leg is the craze at Disney, the line for this one is snake-like and could reach one hour.

DSC_1041 DSC_1048 DSC_1144 DSC_1157 DSC_3899




DSC_4052 15456830094_488e4e54e5_b
What to wear when going to Tokyo Disneyland
by Ashley

1. Trends in Tokyo Disney Resorts are strong! Pretty similar with other countries who wear couple shirts or shoes but more peculiar (Hello! This is Japan!) so expect group of teenagers wearing matching outfits (not just similar outfits but TOTALLY THE SAME), little girls wearing Disney princesses gowns and almost everyone has a Disney hat, head band, etc. Carrying kawaii Disney popcorn buckets are also IN. I opt to wear a KITTY hat just because!

2. Comfortable shoes (like my New Balance of course). It’ll be a long day full of fun and WALKING! You know what I mean, I don’t have to explain.

3. Since it’s Winter now, do not forget your fashionable coat or cape! Mine’s my 4-year-old American Apparel cape. Even if it’s pretty warm and sunny in the morning, I’m 100% sure that it will be chilly at night. You can just easily take it off if it’s hot anyway.

4. If you WANT, you can wear a costume. I promise you no one will bother you!

5. Don’t go bankrupt, it’s definitely a fashion no-no. Keep your belonging safe and secured. Japan is generally safe country but you’ll never know. And by the way, entrance fee was raised to ¥6400 lately.

TIPS: If you’re scared of crowded places like me, try to avoid weekends, New Year’s rush (December 31st, January 1st – 5th), Golden Week (April 29th – May 5th), Obon (August 13th – 15th), and any of the other Japanese National Holidays.

DSC_4066 DSC_4080 DSC_4083 DSC_4160 DSC_4165 DSC_4236 IMG_0463_cb
Until next time!

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