🍁Tokyo Autumn Guide 2016 🍂


Autumn has finally come and it’s one of our favorite seasons! Here are some of our recommended places for fellow nature lovers who would like to experience Tokyo in its full orange, brown and yellow beauty! 🍂

🍁 Meiji Jingu / Harajuku / Yoyogi Koen
Location: 1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo, 151-8557

[Google Maps]

🍁 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Location: 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0014
Access: JR Line, Shinjuku Station
Tel: 03-3350-0151

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🍁 Hama Rikyu Garden
Location: 1-1, Hama Rikyu-teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0046
Access: Toei O-edo Line Shiodome Sta. E-19, Tsukiji-shijo Sta. E-18 or Yurikamome Shiodome Sta. (7 minutes on foot) JR or Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Toei Asakusa Line, Shimbashi Sta. (10 minutes on foot) G-08, A-10
Boat: Suijo Bus (Asakusa—Hama-rikyu—Hinode-Sambashi)
Tel: 03-3541-0200

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🍁 Rikugien Garden
Location: 6 Chome Honkomagome, Tokyo, 113-0021

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🍁 Tokyo Dome City / Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
Location: 1-6-6 Koraku, Bunkyo, Tokyo, 112-0004

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Day Trips Outside Tokyo

🍁 Yokohama: Sankeien Garden
Location: 231-0824 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Naka Ward, Honmokusannotani, 58−1, 三溪園内
Access: Sankeien Garden is located close to Negishi Station (JR Keihin Tohoku Negishi Line). Alternatively, you can take a bus (for ¥220) from Yokohama station East exit, terminal A, bus stop 2, bus number 8 or 148. Ticket cost ¥500 for adults and ¥200 for children.
Tel: 045-621-0634 (Click here for more info.)

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🍁 Explore Kamakura

What to see if you’re a first-timer: The Great Buddha and Hasedera Temple. Click here for more info.

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🍁 Ibaraki: Hitachi Seaside Park for Kochia


In October, kochias (summer cypress) turns the Miharashi hills from green to crimson against the backdrop of the ocean and sky. Cosmoses cover the hillside with flowers of white, pink, and red. Hitachi Seaside Park is in full swing in autumn.

When the spring nemophila blooming is over, it’s time for the kochias. The change from green to crimson is truly dynamic: the Kochia Carnival has started! (Source)

[Access Guide | Google Maps]

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Do you have other Autumn in Japan recommendations?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below! 🍁

💖, Kaila & Ashley

Kawaii Sumikko Gurashi Cafe ☕

Hi Kawaii Travelers!

Kaila here~

Weeks ago, my friend and I visited a Sumikko Gurashi-themed cafe located at Tachikawa, Tokyo. It’s only until September 29 this month so if you are a big Sanrio / Sumikko fan, you should definitely go to this place!

Seats are limited and I suggest that you get “ticket reservations” as early as you could. The cafe opens at 11AM.


Jeremee and I arrived at the Cafe at around 1PM and we got tickets for the 4-5PM slot.

It was a Saturday.



More photos on my blog! ^^


Since we were already feeling full (killed time at an IKEA store nearby and we ate haha), we just decided to share the pancakes together. I ordered the ~fancy~ coffee drink while Jeremee ordered the soda one.




Freebies you can get. I just got mine from the counter, haha




There’s a Kotobukiya merch store (that also sells Sanrio / San-x, Pokemon, Anime items) just beside the cafe.. so make sure you bring enough funds with you haha.




Official WebsiteBusiness Hours: 11:00-20:00 | Access Guide

Have fun!

<3, Kaila & Ashley

Sanrio Puroland Kawaii Paradise

Hello Kawaii friends!

If you are planning a super かわいい Tokyo itinerary for your trip, Sanrio Puroland should be part of your top places to go! If you’re a huge Sanrio fan like me and Ashley, you will definitely have an unforgettable day in this kawaii kingdom!

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 01

I blogged about Sanrio Puroland and you can read my previous entries here & here. Ashley also posted about Puroland! Check out her blog entry here with lots of high quality photos!

To go to Keio Tama Center from JR Shinjuku, take the Keio Line.

sanrio puroland map

Here’s the HYPERDIA page and you’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.41.04 PM

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 02

Sanrio Puroland has a lot of attractions so better spend the entire day here to maximize your ticket! :)

sanrio puroland website

Visit their official website at PuroLand.jp for the theme park information.

We suggest that you print out the discount coupons to save money! :)

sanrio puroland discount coupon2

sanrio puroland discount coupon

Passport / Afternoon Discount Coupons

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 03

Sweets and cute food from My Melody Dream Cafe.

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 04

All things Gudetama!

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 05

Lady Kitty House

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 06

There are character-themed purikura machines too! I got to try with my friend the Gudetama one! ;)

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 07

If you want to eat, visit their Character Food Court for a wide selection of cute food!

Sanrio Puroland Kawaii Food copy

How to choose?? ;_;

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 08

Be financially prepared to hoard!

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 09

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 10

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 11

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 12

Sanrio Puroland Our Kawaii Tokyo 13

If you do plan on shopping a lot, you can save money by going to the Tax-free counter!

Sanrio Puroland

Don’t forget to get reimbursement! ;)

sanrio puroland tax free

We recommend going to Sanrio Puroland early in the morning. We left Shinjuku at around 10:00 am (or was it 9? I forgot, haha!).

DSCF4049 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

For the directions / complete access guide, click here.

Sanrio Puroland Address:

落合1-31, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan 206-8588

Operating Days / Schedule Calendar

Google Maps Page

Enjoy, Kawaii travelers!


Kaila & Ashley