How to Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland And Where to Find Gluten-Free Food There

IMG_0300_cb Konnichiwa kawaii travellers,

Today we’re going to travel back in time.. Christmas 2012 with Kaila& Leen, Summer 2013 with Kaila & Emika and Christmas 2014 with Kaila, Ashley, Emika, Gervin & Kiko. Hope you all enjoy our tour to the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Of course, Tokyo Disneyland is our bias among all the Disneylands in the World. Although we haven’t been to the others, we just assume. Hihi!



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After 6 Passport at Tokyo Disneyland

Aside from the usual passports to enter the most famous theme park in the world, “After 6 Passport” is available from Mondays through Fridays at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. For only ¥3900, it allows you to enter the theme park from 6:00pm onwards. It is highly recommended if you have a packed itinerary in Tokyo. Click here for more info! During weekends and national holidays, “Starlight Passport” is available for use from 3:00pm instead.


Until March 20th, you can enjoy Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy only at Tokyo Disneyland!

This new special event at Tokyo Disneyland is themed to Anna and Elsa’s world after the events shown in the Disney film Frozen. Anna and Elsa, having reconciled and renewed their ties, welcome Guests to a beautiful world of snow and ice created by Elsa’s magical power. The Park will be decorated with snow and ice crystal motifs inspired by the film. Guests will find opportunities to experience the world of Frozen at Tokyo Disneyland.

The nighttime entertainment “Once Upon a Time” will be presented in a special version that features new scenes based on Disney’s Frozen. Anna and Elsa will make an appearance in the new greeting parade “Frozen Fantasy Greeting.” Take advantage of this special event during the winter season, and let yourself be immersed in the world of Frozen!


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