Things To Do During Sakura / Spring Season + Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo

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Artwork by Little Miss Paintbrush

10 Things to do in Japan during Spring (2016)

  1. Cherry blossom hanami / flower viewing with family & friends
  2. Witness Wisteria Festival (Fuji Matsuri) at Kameido Tenjin Shrine
  3. Be mesmerized by the beautiful peonies (Peony Festival)
  4. Celebrate Hinamatsuri / Girls’ Day (March 3)
  5. Have an enjoyable time at a Japanese Irises Festival
  6. Experience Azalea Flower Festival
  7. Celebrate Children’s Day / Kodomo no hi (May 5)
  8. Try the seasonal sakura-flavoured offerings from Starbucks Japan
  9. Extra kawaii tip:Visit Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody & friends at Sanrio Puroland
  10. Boating at Inokashira Park / Ueno Park (with cherry blossom trees)






I actually haven’t spent any Cherry Blossom viewing in Tokyo unfortunately. Last year, I was all over Kyoto and Kansai region. I’ve also spotted some at Kagawa prefecture when I visited Naoshima. I’m so jealous of Kaila’s Cherry Blossom date at Nakameguro. Someday, someday! – Ashley

What else to do in Japan during Spring?

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    100 かわいい Things To Do in Tokyo

    Many of you might have your own Tokyo bucket list already but here’s something from us (Kaila and Ashley as foreigners living in Japan) to you. Treat this as our early Christmas gift since it’s only a few weeks away. Here you can read our recommendations on where to go, what to eat, what to try, among many others that you can add or confirm on your list.

    100-things-to-do-in-tokyo.jpgDoodle by Kaila

    100-things-to-do-in-tokyo.jpgTop Left: Laforet in Harajuku; Top Right: Totoro at Kotokibuya in Akihabara; Lower Left: Les Grand Arbres cafe in Hiro-o; Lower Right: Shibuya Crossing

    100 things to do in Tokyo 04

    Hello there! Here’s a list of fun (and mostly kawaii) things / activities to do when you’re in Tokyo. Hope this will be helpful!

    1. Go crazy on all the Sailor Moon item collaborations you can find at LoFt, Village Vanguard, and other stores!
    2. Enjoy the authentic sushi train – fresh fish yay!
    3. Shop ’til you drop at Swimmer at La Foret, Harajuku
    4. Visit Daikanyama T-Site to see all the books you need in your life
    5. Try the #OnlyInJapan Starbucks drink/s (Sakura latte, Pumpkin spice latte, etc.)
    6. Dine at Urth Caffe Omotesando or Daikanyama for all the delicious organic eats
    7. For cute cheap finds, there’s WEGO in Harajuku. You can also try SPINNS~
    8. Wear the twinning look with your best friend and stroll around Tokyo’s fashion districts
    9. Meet your childhood favourites at the Pokemon Center
    10. Celebrate your love for Sanrio at Sanrio Puroland
    11. Enter the world of your neighbor Totoro at Ghibli Museum
    12. Wear your best outfit and get snapped by your favourite street style magazines (Fruits, Nylon) or website (Drop Tokyo, Tokyo Fashion, etc.)
    13. Bring out the inner otaku in you at Akihabara (Animate, Kotobukiya, and more!)
    14. Visit Nakano Broadway and shop at Mandarake for vintage Japanese toys
    15. Spend the afternoon at the lovely Shimokitazawa neighborhood
    16. Hoard gachapon / toy capsules in Akihabara / Shinjuku
    17. Take lots of purikura with friends
    18. Visit the Kawaii Q-pot Cafe!
    19. Get your own Tokyo Bopper platforms
    20. Spend the night at “And People Cafe and Dining Shibuya
    21. Plum blossoms in February
    22. Experience the Doll festival in March
    23. Visit Godiva cafe
    24. Saboten (さぼてん)’s tonkatsu bentos
    25. Super Kawaii Floresta nature doughnuts in Koenji
    26. Buy your own Rainbow Pocky / Giant Pocky from Tokyo Diver City or Narita Airport
    27. Stroll around Roppongi
    28. Visit the Mori Art Museum
    29. Hydrangeas in June
    30. Tulips in May = divine experience!
    31. Wear a kawaii kimono in Harajuku
    32. Dine solo at the Moomin anti-loneliness cafe
    33. Hoard souvenirs for friends at the big Daiso store in Takeshita Dori
    34. Try St. Marc Chococro’s matcha parfait
    35. Kit-kat Chocolatory Cafe
    36. Cafe Zenon Kichijoji
    37. Try the colorful sweets at Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku
    38. Craving for a yummy kebab or some authentic Xiao Long Bao? Have an Ameyoko foodtrip at night with friends in Ueno!
    39. Experience boating at Inokashira Park
    40. Grimoire Shibuya for Dolly-kei enthusiasts
    41. Try the delicious desserts at Pompompurin Cafe at Cube Harajuku
    42. If you are a matcha / matcha dessert lover, you will love Nana’s Green Tea
    43. Try the Asakusa -> Tokyo Sky Tree Itinerary
    44. Tour around the Yamanote Line
    45. Have a picnic with friends and visit the recommended gardens in Tokyo
    46. Do you love making clothes? Visit the Nippori Fabric Town!
    47. Visit a cat cafe in Tokyo
    48. Visit a maid cafe in Akihabara. Moe, moe, kyun!
    49. Get lost at Kiddyland Harajuku (a.k.a. Toy Paradise)
    50. Visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace
    51. Make your Tokyo Disneyland / Disneysea dreams come true!
    52. Try the highly recommended strawberry shortcake from Ginza Cozy Corner
    53. Ride the Rainbow Daikanransha /Ferris Wheel in Odaiba
    54. Visit the Namja Town in Ikebukuro
    55. Take a photo with Hachiko at Shibuya Station
    56. Going to Tokyo for Sakura? Don’t miss the Sakura wonderland along Nakameguro river
    57. Enter the world of Doraemon at Fujiko F. Fujio Museum in Kawasaki
    58. Attend the biggest art festival in Asia, Design Festa (Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba)
    59. Get your own Harajuku Vintage Shop Guide from FUNKTIQUE Tokyo
    60. Try the famous Zaku Zaku icecream at Cute Cube Harajuku
    61. Achieve your kawaii lolita photoshot dreams at Maison de Julietta
    62. Dress up in your favorite costume and experience Halloween in Shibuya!
    63. Shop at Shibuya 109
    64. Try the famous smiley pancakes from Pancake Days
    65. Have a kombini bento party with friends / loved ones during Sakura season under the cherry blossom trees (Shinjuku Gyoen, etc.)
    66. Visit the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku
    67. Try the exciting rides and attractions at Tokyo Dome City
    68. Become a unicorn for a day and dine at the newly opened My Little Pony Cafe
    69. Shop vintage in Koenji neighborhood
    70. Ride the Cat Bus to the Ghibli Museum
    71. Shop at the biggest UNIQLO store in Ginza
    72. Wake up early for Tsukiji Fish Market
    73. Try all the Japanese food!
    74. Spending your winter holidays in Japan? Enjoy the illuminations all over the city!
    75. A big fan of ONE PIECE / Dragon ball, Naruto and more? You will definitely enjoy your time in J-WORLD Tokyo
    76. Try the yummiest takoyaki from any Gindaco branch
    77. Looking for vintage / retro / nostalgic Japanese goods ? Go to TOKYO Decks Beach
    78. Splurge on art materials at SEKAIDO, Shinjuku
    79. Buy used Japanese magazines, manga, and books from BOOK OFF Akihabara Eki Mae
    80. Visit the fishies at Sumida Aquarium
    81. Take a relaxing bath at an Onsen place
    82. Visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum
    83. Hiking at Mount Takao
    84. Take a side trip to Kamakura
    85. Take a touristy photo at Shibuya Crossing
    86. Try the yummy sweets at Nicolas Charles in Harajuku
    87. Love collecting FUNKO Pop? Visit TOY SAPIENS to hoard!
    88. Enjoy dining at Genki Sushi Shibuya with your friends / family
    89. Buy the famous Totoro Cream Puffs from Shirohige
    90. Take a photo with the life-size Gundam in Odaiba
    91. Spending summer in Japan? Wear the traditional Yukata in Asakusa and stroll around the area
    92. Try spending a night in a Capsule Hotel
    93. Don’t forget to visit a Don Quijote (DonKi) branch in either Shinjuku / Akihabara (for unique / quirky Japanese goods)
    94. Go to Tokyo Tower and enjoy the view
    95. Buy cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery
    96. Visit the Senso-ji Shrine in Asakusa, Tokyo
    97. Stroll around Shin Okubo, Tokyo’s own Korean Town
    98. For more toy shopping, visit Yamashiroya building located at Ueno, Tokyo
    99. Eat a Japanese onigiri from any convenience store / kombini for lunch
    100. Try all the crazy (#OnlyInJapan) Haagen Dazs icecream flavors available

    Enjoy, Kawaii travelers!

    100 things to do in Tokyo 03


    100 things to do in Tokyo 02

    100 things to do in Tokyo 05

    10 Things To Do When in Harajuku by

    10 things to do when in harajuku 2015

    1. Take a picture at the iconic Takeshita Dori banner

    2. Visit Meiji Shrine / Meiji Jingu

    3. Dine at Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku​

    4. Use OurKawaii.Tokyo​ as your kawaii guide

    5. Visit & Shop at エリア原宿​ /Area Harajuku at the 6th floor of Harajuku Ash building (next to the Takeshita dori banner)

    Oh by the way, you can buy Little Miss Paintbrush​’s art x fashion designs and Enji エンジ​ accessories here!)

    6. Try the famous Zaku Zaku icecream at Cute Cube Harajuku

    7. Grab your own Harajuku Vintage Shop map from FUNKTIQUE TOKYO​ ★

    8. Hoard your favorite Studio Ghibli / Star Wars / Sailormoon / Rilakkuma / Sanrio (EVERYTHING) from KIDDYLAND Harajuku

    9. Become a lolita for a day and achieve your lolita photoshoot dreams at Maison de Julietta​!

    10. Take a purikura with your friends @ Purikura NOA:

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    How about you? Have you been to Harajuku? If yes, what would you recommend to a fellow JapanLover? :)

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Things to do compiled by Kaila / Rainbowholic​
    Illustration by ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush​ |

    First version 10 things to do when in Harajuku