Kawaii Smiley Pancakes from Pancake Days

Hello Kawaii travelers!

Just want to share this kawaii & yummy pancake place in Harajuku. It’s called “Pancake Days” and it’s one of my favorite cafe / restaurants!


Usually, people would line up just to dine here but we got lucky that day~ there were no people queuing! : )

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.27.19 PM


A must-try is their special matcha (greentea) + pancake dessert combo! I usually eat their beef stew meal (or was it curry? I forgot haha) + pancake set.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday during your Tokyo trip, this is the most recommended cafe by yours truly. ^^


営業時間 / Schedule
平日 11:00~21:00(Last Order 20:30)(Weekdays)
金  11:00~22:00(Last Order 21:00)(Fridays)
土日祝 10:00~22:00(Last Order 21:00)(Weekends)

住所 / Address

150-0001, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6-6-2, Harajuku Berupia 2F


Website: www.pancakedays.jp/shop/harajuku


Hope you guys have a great time! Enjoy the kawaii pancakes!

<3, カイラ

13 Foods and Drinks You Have To Try in Tokyo

Hi to fellow foodies! This post is especially for you, I listed 23 foods you have to try in Japan at Candy Kawaii Lover and now, I’m compiling Kaila’s food post and mine together plus I’m narrowing it down to Tokyo! Easy peasy, right?

From Japanese basics such as curry and tonkatsu to American inspired burgers, we’re going to spill all the beans and share every bit of information we know. If you spot them while you’re in Tokyo, don’t forget to use the hashtag #OurKawaiiTokyo so we can see them! Hihi~

hinamatsuri hinamatsuri1

1. Cakes – if you like not too sweet but tasty, usually strawberry shortcake and chocolate-flavoured cakes, then hurry and try some at the nearest Japanese cake shop in your area.

For Peko fans like Kaila, there’s a Fujiya branch right across Shibuya 109. Their cakes are a little bit sweeter than usual Japanese cakes.

Ginza Cozy Corner is located across Hachiko statue, close to 109MEN’S.

2. Drinks – there is a wide variation of drinks in Japan, they have all kinds of “(insert flavour here) au lait”. My personal favourites are matcha au lait and pistachio au lait (it’s already phased out).


3. Convenience store meals as seen on Kaila’s Daily Life post. Tokyoites are very busy people, thus convenience stores are really helpful for lunch breaks that you just want to get over with. They usually have open beside the counter and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to find these kind of soups.

4. Cute bread – who can say no to these?

 Moomin “Anti-loneliness” cafe could be found at La Qua in Tokyo Dome, nearest stations are Suidobashi JR Station and Korakuen Metro.

Popular character among the Japanese kids, Anpanman (photo above) has a musuem in Yokohama (close to Tokyo) and Kobe but you can see this kind of bread at random bakeries in Tokyo anyway.

IMG_13895. Dango – sticky rice with different flavours

Mitarashi dango (featured above, covered in sugar) can be found at a usual Japanese convenience store or supermarkets.

IMG_15166. Pretzel-like snacks

Pocky, Fran, Pretz Toppo with all kind of flavour you can imagine could be found everywhere as well. If you’re one of Kaila’s long time readers, you’ll know that she has a huge Pocky collection while I am a Fran-fan (KailAshley trivia!)

kawaii-cafe-tokyo6. Cute cafe noms – Totoro choux creams, Hello Kitty doughnuts, among many others

You can find our post about the cutest cafes in Tokyo plus how to access here

15847802807_28300ac3fb_b7. Burgers – usually American inspired but tastes so good! It’s insane, I swear for non-burger lover like me, and now, picky burger eater. I could only eat the bests, and it’s in Tokyo.

Kayla and I’s frequent spots are: Cafe Hohokam, The Great Burger, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

*Café Hohokam and The Great Burger in Harajuku is just… so good, I can’t explain why.. My favourites are Avocado burger and Chili beans burger. They also serve healthy treats like fruits in yoghurt smoothie. Most of my friends from US affirm that it’s even better than burgers in the States even if it was actually inspired from the owner’s trips there.

16688349266_b4853779ab_b8. Kawaii doughnuts

Floresta Nature Doughnuts – I’ve been to their branches in Gakugeidaigaku (for take away) and Koenji (there are seats for four) in Tokyo. My favourite flavour is earl grey!

Puroland’s Cinnamon Dream Cafe serves cute Hello Kitty dougnuts

Mister Donut has a local touch for their doughnuts too

Krispy Kreme Japan usually have a seasonal flavour

asahi-sakura-beer9. Beer

Although I’ve never really tried one, Sakura designed beer looks kawaii don’t you think? So I’ll just keep it in this list. Ha!

haagen-dazs-japan10. Ice cream

Kayla tried this Haagen Dazs Crispy Sandwich green tea chocolate and she said it was yummy!! My Haagen Dazs go to are matcha and brownie but I’ve also tried their special edition “Antoinette” (wine flavoured) and “Opera” (not your ordinary tiramisu) which is my fave.

Ben & Jerry’s could be found along Harajuku dori.

13908945072_2e1fc4cb82_b11. Pizza

Rigoletto’s – they have branches in Solamachi (Tokyo Sky Tree) and Roppongi Hills.

and people cafe in Shibuya (access information could be found in our 28 things to-do in Shibuya post). Tokyo crew could attest to the goodness of their pizza! I swear, you gotta try!

16330557258_6764c05247_b12. Crepes – the current Harajuku craze

Santa Monica, Angel hearts crepes are along Takeshita street- try them to find out why are they causing snake-like lines when it’s not even weekend yet

16518240225_dd0dafda94_b13. Waffles and pancakes

Noa Cafe’s blueberry waffle was the bomb. You’ll find it after passing by the famous Takeshita Arc in Harajuku.
Other brands to try: Eggs ‘n Things, Bill’s (for their ricotta pancake) in Tokyo Plaza
Hope you like this post, I feel so hungry now wishing I could go back to Tokyo soon!