Kawaii Cafe: Chibi Maruko Chan Cafe (Fuji TV Building, Odaiba)

Hi fellow Kawaii cafe lovers!

Weeks ago, I went to Chibi Maruko Chan Cafe to meet up with Imani. If you watch Chibi Maruko Chan (for the purpose of studying Nihongo / Japanese language haha), I’m sure you will have a great time in this kawaii cafe located at Odaiba, Tokyo. If you are planning to visit Odaiba for the Tokyo Big Sight / Rainbow Bridge / Life-size Gundam / Venust Fort / etc., make sure to drop by and visit Fuji TV! The Chibi Maruko Chan cafe is also housed in the same building.

DSCF0742chibi marukochan cafe our kawaii tokyo

DSCF0737chibi marukochan cafe our kawaii tokyo

DSCF0740chibi marukochan cafe our kawaii tokyo

The iconic FUJI TV building. Makes everyone wonder how this whole building was built!

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My Little Pony Café In Harajuku

Chanced upon My Little Pony Café Harajuku while shopping. It’s actually a pop-up café in collaboration with SUNDAY JAM and it’ll end on November 29th, 2015. I was actually super excited to see this since it’s filled with cute pastel colors, macarons, pancakes, and other yummy looking foods.

The prices are not too steep either.

Everything looks so pretty and kawaii.

    I was supposed to go in and try but I don’t have anyone (who likes cute cafés) with me at that time.

Oh well, maybe next time!

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Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku by Sebastian Masuda x Diamond Dining

In Harajuku, there are endless of happenings that unconsciously or consciously promote it’s uniqueness above the rest. Actually every month, there’s something new that this city has to offer – one of these things is the NEW Kawaii Monster Cafe by Sebastian Masuda.

kawaii monster cafe

kawaii monster cafe2

Their interior and even staff (whom they call monster girls) screams rainbowholic (pun intended) and super kawaii!

Photos from their instagram account: @kawaiimonstercafe


“I can’t wait to go back to Tokyo and try all of these!” -Ashley

Photo from FP

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