Things To Do During Sakura / Spring Season + Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo

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Artwork by Little Miss Paintbrush

10 Things to do in Japan during Spring (2016)

  1. Cherry blossom hanami / flower viewing with family & friends
  2. Witness Wisteria Festival (Fuji Matsuri) at Kameido Tenjin Shrine
  3. Be mesmerized by the beautiful peonies (Peony Festival)
  4. Celebrate Hinamatsuri / Girls’ Day (March 3)
  5. Have an enjoyable time at a Japanese Irises Festival
  6. Experience Azalea Flower Festival
  7. Celebrate Children’s Day / Kodomo no hi (May 5)
  8. Try the seasonal sakura-flavoured offerings from Starbucks Japan
  9. Extra kawaii tip:Visit Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody & friends at Sanrio Puroland
  10. Boating at Inokashira Park / Ueno Park (with cherry blossom trees)






I actually haven’t spent any Cherry Blossom viewing in Tokyo unfortunately. Last year, I was all over Kyoto and Kansai region. I’ve also spotted some at Kagawa prefecture when I visited Naoshima. I’m so jealous of Kaila’s Cherry Blossom date at Nakameguro. Someday, someday! – Ashley

What else to do in Japan during Spring?

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    Things To-Do in Roppongi

    Top Things To-Do in Roponggi:
    1. Drop by at Mori Art Museum at Roponggi Hills. They’ve previously hosted Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, Pikachu, Peanuts (Snoopy), Doll (Blythe, Barbie, etc) exhibit and café. It was so, so amazing! We weren’t allowed to take photos for most part of the exhibit though. Enjoy!

    IMG_4613_cb-1024x1024The world of Tim Burton


    2. Enjoy National Art Center. It’s proclaimed as Japan’s largest museum.

    3. To complete the triumvirate, go to Suntory Museum of Art at Tokyo Midtown as well.

    4. Visit Tokyo Tower. By this time everyone must be “I’ll go to Tokyo Skytree instead.” But, no. I’ll give you three reasons why you should still visit Tokyo Tower. It’s cheaper! For only ¥800, you can climb up. Less lines without extra cost. Last, Tokyo Tower has this “moon river” romantic vibe maybe because it’ less crowded and more private compared to Skytree.

    5. Roppongi is famous for it’s night life, though it’s not highly suggested, why don’t you try karaoke!

    6. Eat! It could be really expensive to dine in Japan especially in this area. Try Pink Cow (they serve Mexican goodness), Baker Bounce (my number one go-to place), Ritz-Carlton café (for afternoon tea), Cinnabon (yes they have it here) and Rigoletto (for dining and wine night with friends).

    7. Adore their architecture! One of the best I’ve seen!13908944511_417d01200b_bMy favourite mall to have my photos taken, just literally sit down and hangout with friends is Tokyo Midtown.

    13908941086_6b59a892ee_bYou can peek thru these mini holes to see what’s down there from the top of Tokyo tower.

    13908934992_2c0b7957d0_bTokyo Tower at large.

    13908937292_a5f97c10ab_bYou can also write your own wishes at Tokyo Tower.

    13908945072_2e1fc4cb82_b Try this yummy quattro formaggio at Rigoletto’s

    13908948092_e735cd8df7_bTokyo Tower at night!

    DSC_7997There are lots of events going on around Roppongi, why don’t you check out their Tokyo Midtown Illumination during winter and cherry blossoms hanami party during spring.

    Sakura / Cherry Blossom Blooming Forecast 2015 + How to Enjoy Hanami in Japan

    Cherry Blossoms

    Infographic based on the predictions from JNTO website.

    Illustrations by our dear friend, Little Miss Paintbrush.

    hanabi quide 1 (2) JLM IG 1

    title how to hanami (2)-vert2

    title how to hanami (2)-vert3

    title how to hanami (2)-vert4