Q~pot café in Omotesando

15514185657_858f7599c3_c Q~pot café was a magical, Alice in Wonderland themed café in Omotesando area.Q~pot was designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu who was a previous fashion model in Tokyo until he started studying accessory design under Mr. Kazumasa Seima. He established Q~pot as an accessory brand in 2002 and the rest is history.

15514192007_75c69ca5ea_c Now, Q~pot has been introduced not only as a fashion brand but a communication tool that aims to connect people with the similar aesthetics together. Thus, the creation of Q~pot café in front of their very own accessory shop building in Omotesando. They have a total of 9 rooms which are called, Whip Room (Take Out Corner), Tooth Room (Powder Room), BisQuit Room, Religieuse Room, Melt Room (Drink Counter), Chocolate Room, Whip Strawberry Room, Mouse’s Room and SE”Q”RET Room. Continue reading

What to Expect When You Visit Jiyugaoka

Close to Daikanyama and Gakugeidaigaku, is another artsy-fartsy, chic, almost with the same “expensive looking” ambience, area called Daikanyama.

♡ Precious Coffee Moments EST. 1933 Kobe is known for their excellent coffee and tea. Although they rooted from Kobe in 1993 (as stated on their brand name) their branches scattered all through out Japan. They also have a branch in Jiyugaoka.

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Cafe Zenon in Kichijoji

Cafe Zenon in Kichijoji introduces manga x art x cafe concept in one awesome establishment! They definitely cater to every Japan lover’s needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are cool, kawaii or otaku lover – this cafe got it all for you! For the art inclined, their monthly exhibits / collaborations with various artists is also a must-see!   Continue reading

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