Our Kawaii Tokyo Guide E-Book Now Out!

Like a modern romance – Our Kawaii Tokyo Book was made real by creatives-turned-friends who met through the internet knowing that they share the same passion about kawaii shopping, traveling, and sharing content about Tokyo. After countless of hangouts around Tokyo, we finally created Our Kawaii Tokyo. It is a combination of our own interests and what our friends like.

Just like most of you, we love hanging out at cute cafes, taking photos and sharing the information through social media. It started out as a collaboration project at Japan Lover Me (a website sharing worldwide Japan love) and many other projects that followed such as a stint Kawaii PH TV show on IBC13 (Philippine local channel) and Tokyo Extra (Japanese TV show and live streaming). We want to prep you for your first visit to Tokyo or share something new to try on your next visit.

With the help of our friends and support from fellow Tokyo lovers, we hope to give you the best Kawaii Tokyo experience through this book.


Kaila, Ashley & Allie

Purchase OKT E-book here for 1200 JPY only until June.