Kawaii UPDATE: Ashley’s #TokyoExtra Youtube Live Streaming

Hi guys! This is Ashley and I would love to thank everyone for all the support I’m getting for my Tokyo Extra stint (especially from Kaila). I love you all! Hopefully we could make Tokyo Extra interactive by asking questions (just use the hashtag #tokyoextra and we’ll find it) and putting your suggestions out there.

Ashley Talks About Ueno

Let’s all use our kawaii powers and tune in this December 13, 2015 (Sunday)! We will be sharing our experiences, travel tips and more as the team explore cute Panda town of Ueno. The show is interactive so you can ask questions or share photos about Ueno by using the hashtag #TOKYOEXTRA

Tokyo Streaming Time: 12:30 PM
Philippine Time: 11:30 PM

Google Plus page: +TokyoExtra

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Kawaii NEWS: Ashley’s #TokyoExtra Youtube Live Streaming

Tokyo Extra

Hi Kawaii Travelers!

This coming Sunday (December 13, 2015) at 11:00 PM Philippine Time, Ashley will be part of a fun YouTube live streaming show called ‪#‎TokyoExtra‬

The YouTube live starts from 0:00 till 1:30 a.m. JST. TV live starts from 0:50 till 1:20 a.m. JST.

Tokyo Extra Ashley Dy

For the meantime, you can Ashley’s favorite episode about luxury ramen here. 🍥

Hope you can help us by sharing this information.

Please don’t forget to include the hashtag #TokyoExtra once you’re tuned in! You can read more details about Tokyo Extra from their Google Plus homepage.