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Kawaii Cafe: Cinamoroll x The Guest Cafe & Diner

I am about to cry while uploading these photos for this post.. Cinamoroll Cafe? Sounds like a dream to me. I’ve been out of Tokyo for a month now but thanks to Kaila for always filling up my Tokyo love tank full. We both wish to live in and out of Tokyo / Japan someday. The dream is to be able to fly back to our home (Manila) and go back to Tokyo any time we want. Sounds like a good plan? Well I certainly don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff – like this Cinamoroll Cafe at Shibuya Parco.


Cinamoroll prints were hung on the wall

12303951_1668892700019746_1753471278530809188_o Photo booth area is TOO pretty – I can relate with the tan Cinamoroll *my skin color*

sinamo-c-b  Cinamoroll curry (¥1,480 with mug, ¥1,180 without mug) and Cinamoburger (¥1,480 with balloon)


Tea party set (¥1,880


Cinnamon hot latte (¥680)


Fuwa-fuwa cake (¥1,580 with mug, ¥1,280 without mug)


Cream pasta (¥1,080)


Cinamoroll Soft drink with key holder (¥980) ; Cinamoroll latte with expresso (¥780)

More info at The Guest Cafe & Diner Facebook Page

You can also watch some Tokyo features at Tokyo Extra YouTube

I’ll be part of the show this Sunday as posted previously here on OurKawaii.TokyoAshley


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