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Arts & Crafts Hoarding Guide in Tokyo

Konnichiwa Kawaii Artsy Travelers! :)

Some people have been asking us where to shop art & craft materials in Tokyo, so here is the much-awaited post!

While going around Tokyo with my creative friend Abbey, we visited a lot of “yabai” (dangerous lol) stores that offered a lot of #OnlyInJapan art materials! Abbey’s reaction every time we would go to a store / “art mall” (store is an understatement lololols) = priceless! Just a precaution before you decide to add these places to your itinerary… make sure you have extra funds because you might be hoarding more than the usual, haha. When I first went to these places, I was sooo dumbstruck. I didn’t know where to start, haha! :))

YUZAWAYA: Art materials, kawaii fabrics, craft kits and more!


The Yuzawaya branch that we visited is Yuzawa Parco Urawa branch. This is the only branch I would visit because it’s convenient (I’m from Saitama! :D). Yuzawaya offers a wide range of art materials and fashion-related materials (from pens, craft kits, resin materials, fabric textiles, etc.). I think that it is safe to say that this is like a mini “Nippori” too (extra trivia: Nippori is dubbed as the Fabric Town in Tokyo).

I haven’t been to the Shinjuku branch but here are the access details based on their website.

YUZAWAYA Shinjuku Branch: Takashimaya Times Square 11F

TEL.03-5367-4141 (representative)
Business hours: 10 AM  – 8PM

Click here for the available list of branches (in Japanese).


SEKAIDO Shinjuku: The Ultimate Art Store in Tokyo 


For those of you who are particular with the materials and brands you need (aka looking for a National Bookstore meets Fully Booked in Japan), Sekaido is a must visit. A building located roughly a few meters away from Shinjuku station houses 6 floors full of art materials you can only imagine – paper, paint, ink, notebooks etc. – See more at: artistic-dreams.com


SEKAIDO Shinjuku Head Store: Click here for the Google Maps

LoFT Shibuya: Muji + Stationery & Paper Goods + Lifestyle / Travel + Kawaii


“Located in busy shopping ward Shibuya, Loft is a gem to art lovers, stationery hoarders, travelers – you name it. In general though, it would be similar to a department store sans the clothes and shoes. Of course, my priority was visiting the LG floor for all the stationery items and a few art materials.” – See more at: artistic-dreams.com


LoFT Shibuya: Click here for the Google Maps

(Loft, 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042)

Check out Abbey’s Art Hoarding in Tokyo blog post for more info.

Other places you can visit for more artsy goodness:

  • Daiso Store in Takeshita Dori (100 yen store!!)
  • Tokyu Hands (in Takashimaya Times Square / Shibuya)
  • Nippori Fabric Town


Enjoy the art hoarding! :)

Love, Kaila & Ashley


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