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Where To Get Studio Ghibli / Totoro Items in Tokyo

Konnichiwa Kawaii Tokyo Travelers!

One of our frequently asked questions is where to find Studio Ghibli goods / everything Totoro. Here are some of our tips for your Ghibli hoarding!


You can buy original merch from KIDDYLAND Harajuku and from chosen Village Vanguard branches.

When I visited Kyoto, I discovered a “Donguri Garden” shop. They also have one in Tokyo Station (Tokyo Character Street area). : )

For the shop list of their official goods shop, check this link for a list of Donguri branches.

donguri garden

Totoro washi tapes from Donguri Garden.

Also available from the online shop we’ll be recommending below.


From a Village Vanguard branch & Japan Lover Me Store


From NHK Character Shop located at Tokyo Solamachi.



If you are looking for this totoro bed, click here for our eBay shop suggestions!

And yes, that’s me :)))

 Studio Ghibli Online Shop in Japan

As I was researching, I discovered a website that has a huge collection of Studio Ghibli merchandise!

Donguri Sora (www.donguri-sora.com) is selling original / official goods from Studio Ghibli. You can purchase your Ghibli favorites via JapanLover.me’s Japan Deputy Shopping Service.

donguri sora



Hope this entry would be useful to our fellow Totoro readers! Please do leave a comment below if you’ve found another secret haven in Tokyo, hehe! <3

(P.S. You can also check Ashley’s Studio Ghibli Museum visit on her blog if you are planning to go to this magical place in Mitaka.)


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  1. thank you for this article! It really looks amazing! can’t wait till I have enough money to spend it all on this stuff *_*

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