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Where to Find Plum Blossoms by Ashley

Plum Blossoms or Ume in Japanese is a sister plant of the famous Cherry Blossoms but it’s different. There’s a thin line between the both of them. Usually in Japan, plum blossoms appear in late winter (end of February) to early spring (first week of March). How to tell the difference between Plum Blossoms and Cherry Blossoms? Cherry Blossoms petals have a small split at the end while Plum Blossoms have not. Cherry Blossoms have a few flowers out in it’s bud but Plum Blossoms have only one. Cherry Blossoms have green leaves and most of the time Plum Blossoms have purple leaves. You might want to check out some spots for Plum Blossoms viewing in case you’ve arrived to early for Cherry Blossoms, or if you’re just like me, who can’t help but adore them.

Where to Find Plum Blossoms?

1. Ushi Tenjin Temple. I walked from Iidabashi station to Ushi Tenjin Temple but the closest station would be “Korakuen”. Drop by if you’re looking for plum blossoms in Tokyo, first week of March is the perfect time to visit! It’s a small but very beautiful temple named after “Ushi” or cow in Japanese. These photos were taken last February 27, 2015 and the plum blossoms haven’t fully bloomed yet.

Ushi Tenji Temple’s address: 1-5-2 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number: 03 3812 1862
Website: www.ushitenjin.jp/



2. Soga Bairin Plum Orchard. It is located 10 minutes on foot from Shimo-soga JR Station on the Gotemba Line. The trains going there from Kozu station is kind of rare, just one or two every hour so we decided to take the cab from Kozu to the area of plum blossoms. It costed us ¥1200 approximately. From Tokyo, it will take you about 82 minutes via Tokkaido JR Line. Wide eye, we were able to see tons of white plum blossoms, a few trees of pink weeping plum blossoms, and rarely, fuchsia plums too. According to Kanagawa Kankou website, you can find about 35,000 plum blossom trees here. There’s also a famous spot, where in you can view Mt. Fuji (during perfect weather) among the plum blossom trees.

Telephone number: 0465-22-5002
Website: http://www.odawara-kankou.com.e.jk.hp.transer.com


3. Hanegi Park. It is located at Umegaoka Station via Odakyu Line (my train line). As it’s station name suggest, “Ume” gaoka have approximately 600 plum trees blooming.

Address: 155-0033 Tokyo, Setagaya, Daita, 4−38−52
Telephone number: 03-5431-1822
Website: http://www.city.setagaya.lg.jp/shisetsu/1217/1271/d00004240.html


4. Koishikawa Korakuen. I’ve passed by at this park upon going to Ushi Tenjin Temple but it’s definitely bigger in area. I haven’t checked what’s inside but while I’m researching for additional information about Where to Find Plum Blossoms in Tokyo, I found out that this is also one of the top spots for Plum Blossoms Viewing! You can use either Iidabashi JR Chuo Line or Korakuen Metro Line to get here!

Address: 112-0004 東京都文京区 後楽1-6-6
Telephone number: 03-3811-3015
Website: http://teien.tokyo-park.or.jp/en/koishikawa/


5. Yushima Tenjin Shrine. It’s a 2 minute walk from Yushima Station via Metro Chiyoda Line / 5 minute walk from Ueno-Hirokoji Station via Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and 8 minute walk via Okachimachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line.

Address: 3-30-1 Yushima, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0034
Telephone number: 03-3836-0753
Website: http://www.yushimatenjin.or.jp/pc/index.htm


6. Inokashira Onshi Koen (Inokashira Park). It’s 1 minute walk from Inokashira-kōen station and 5 minute walk from Kichijōji station.

Address: Gotenyama 1-chōme, Kichijōji Minami-chō 1-chōme, Musashino city, Inokashira 3~5-chōme, Shimorenjaku 1-chōme, Mure 4-chome, Mitaka city, Tokyo



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