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Need a shopping service agent from Japan?

Hello Kawaii Travelers! Kaila here.

We would just like to share this shopping service that one of our sister websites (Japan Lover Me) is currently offering. Basically, if your trip in Tokyo / Japan seems not enough and you haven’t shopped that much.. we can help you with that.

Please do read on if you are interested in this service!



What is JLM Shopping Service?

This community-made and initiative called “The Japan Lover Me Store” is conceptualized to address and serve the needs of the like-minded Japan Lovers all-over the world. JLM Shopping Service aims to bring Japan closer to the community members by providing a one-stop channel to order and buy items that are available only in Japan. It is open to those who would like to purchase from Japanese stores and sellers online directly by having the Japan Lover Team to transact on your behalf and process your orders and ship them directly to your doorstep for a substantial fee to cover for the service.

Since the Japan Lover Me project was initiated, there have been a lot of requests addressed to us to have somebody help them satisfy the members’ shopping and buying needs here in Japan while having the community spirit alive. The members of the team have carefully thought of offering this service to achieve our goal of helping Japan become closer to its fans and admirers all over the world. Secondly, it is envisioned that in order to expand our creative content creation activities in sharing this “Japan-love” with everyone, we thought of providing the service as a means for the members and followers and friends to support the community’s goals and missions to spread and share the Japan love all over the world.

Up until now, there have been many other fantastic services available out there which everybody would surely know, but here we are – we would like to offer something new – a new kind of shopping experience topped with community love and passion in sharing that “tang” we share about loving Japan. We can not describe it here as we would like our new customers and clients to experience it first-hand from us. Although we would still remain analog in our service’s beta-version, we still believe that we can provide a better alternative or option vis-a-vis any other existing service out there starting from our client-oriented approach to hearing your needs.

So what will be made available through this service?

Basically, anything that can be bought, shipped or ordered under-the-sun from Japan, is always available for purchase through us.

Examples like:

  • Amazon Japan, Rakuten, and Yahoo Japan Items
  • Special websites of specific brands and companies.

–Examples: Village Vanguard, MUJI, TOKYU HANDS Creative Life Store, Tower Records, Sanrio, San-x, Book Off, Starbucks Online Shop, Fujiya Camera Shop, and the like). As long as it’s an online shop based in Japan, we will do our best to provide the shopping for you.

  • Large / Irregular Items (Japanese Antiques, Game Machines, Pachinko, Statues, Figures, Standees, Furniture, Cars / Vehicles, etc.)

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(Illustrations by ChiChi)

Love, Kaila


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