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How Much Japanese Do I Need To Know While Traveling In Japan?

IMG_0019 Question: “We’ll be traveling to Tokyo in 3 weeks. I’m excited but nervous at the same time. My only concern is the language barrier. How much Japanese /English languages must we use?

Konnichiwa (Hi!)

I personally think that you don’t need as much Japanese if you’re just visiting for a week or two. Tokyo has fast becoming a tourist-friendly city with English, Korean and Chinese translations at every signs and station names. But if you still want to use a little Japanese while conversing on a daily basis, here are some of conversational Japanese terms you might need:

1. Arigatou Gozaimasu – Thank you very much (I guess, we all know this!)

2. Gochisousamadeshita – Thank you for the food (for the chef, staff that served you well)

3. Ikura gurai desu ka? – How much is it/ this?

4. Betsu betsu de – Please split our bills (This is very helpful especially when you’re traveling as a group)

 5. Sumimasen – Excuse me / Sorry to bother you / I’m sorry

6. Oneigaishimasu – _____ Please (Example, water please = ohiya onigaishimasu)

7. Shashin totte ii desu ka? – Can you take our photo?

8. Eki wa doko desu ka? – Where’s the station? (Hehehe.. just in case you get lost!)

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