Doraemon Invasion in Roppongi 

On our way to the Ghibli exhibit (read more here) at Mori Art Museum, Kaila and I chanced upon the Doraemon invasion at Roppongi Hills as well.  So funny that we are not actually aware that there’s such thing. What a perfect timing indeed, hitting two birds in one stone!

It was terribly windy that day, if you haven’t noticed. There was a typhoon passing by but not directly hitting Tokyo. The hanabi / matsuri in Chiba that our friend Yumi-san was about to attend was also cancelled. She actually invited both of us to attend (maybe next year?).

The reason why there are a lot of Doraemon in the area is because of TV Asahi’s Roppongi Hills Summer Station. Trivia: TV Asahi’s office is actually located at Roppongi Hills. Aside from anime characters displaying around Roppongi Hills, there will be daily concerts from Japanese artists such as Denpagumi, Crystal Kay, Chris Hart, Super Girls and LiSA. The collaboration will continue until the end of August. So hurry!