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Cute Cafés in Tokyo

Here are the Top Ten Cute Cafés in Tokyo in our list, not in particular order but we’re sure you’ll love them all as much as we did.


Hope you could visit them whilst you’re in Tokyo! Enjoy!

10608702_594478820697474_5070676787082390699_o-1024x1024 1. The Guest Café & Diner – they hosted Kiki and Lala Café,  My Melody Café, Hello Kitty Café, Pokemon Café and now My Melody & My Sweet Piano Café. They just never run out of ideas!

[Access Guide]
The Guest Café & Diner is located at 7th floor Parco Shibuya
Google Maps: 東京都渋谷区宇田川15-1 渋谷パルコ パート1・7F
Business Hours: 10:00am-11:30pm


16026661252_74042ab553_b 2. Puroland’s Cinnamon Dream Café for their cutest Hello Kitty shaped doughnuts!

[Access Guide]
Cinnamon Dream Café is located at the second floor of Puroland in Tama Center. Directions are indicated here.

16230105758_61eebef696_b 3. Shirohige’s Cream Puff Shop – you could not say no to a Totoro-shape choux cream!

[Access Guide]
Google Maps: 3-21-21 Takaidohigashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number: 0333344689
Business Hours: 10:30am-7:30pm
Website: www.shiro-hige.com


IMG_6420 4. Fujiya Restaurant – they don’t just serve filling lunch but also mouth watering and eyesome desserts!

[Access Guide]
Google Maps: 2F, 26-2 Udagawa, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm
Telephone number: 0334772226


IMG_4853 5. Gundam Café for the robot lovers!

[Access Guide]
Gundam Café Akihabara
Google Maps: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda Hanaokacho, 11 アトレ秋葉原2
Business Hours: 10:00am-10:30pm
Telephone number: 0332510078
Website: http://g-cafe.jp/english/


15737013757_8a4e5657c8_b 6. Gudetama Café -the trendiest character in a pop-up café setting will cost you 3 hours in line. Would you give up or just keep on chasing this egg with a face?

[Access Guide]
Gudetama Café is a pop-up event by Village Vanguard Diner. Watch out for the next pop-up event information only at Our Kawaii Tokyo Facebook page. For more photos of the previous event coverage check Candy Kawaii Lover.

16707913746_69ec271e84_b 7. Moomin Anti-Loneliness Café – you’ll never feel alone again with the moomins!

[Access Guide]
Moomin Café could be reached from Suidobashi JR station or Korakuen station.
Website: http://www.benelic.com/moomin_cafe/tokyo_dome/
Telephone number: 0358426300


8. Alice in the Danceland is in a magical carousel setting with maids to serve you like a Queen.

[Access Guide]
Alice in the Danceland is located under Bershka store in Shibuya Parco.
Business Hours: 11:00am-11:30pm
Telephone number: 0337702750

DSCN8426 9. Café Hibiki Panda gives a spinoff for the usual nikuman/siopao/meat buns.

[Access Guide]
Café Hibiki Panda is located in Ueno Tokyo Panda Town


IMG_3662_cb 10. Pompompurin Café Harajuku – got yellow fever? Harajuku girls go gaga for this Café during weekends! I’m sure you’ll be head over heels with this one too!

[Access Guide]
Pompompurin Café is around 5 minute walk from Harajuku JR Station Takeshita exit.
Google Maps: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-7-1 Cute Cube Harajuku 3rd Floor
Business Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm
Telephone number: 0357860770




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  1. Hi the cafe is all kawaii :) but i would like to know the price. maybe it’s best if you also write the average price of those cafes :)

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