The Rainbowholic Kaila

Kaila Sakura

Kaila is a self-confessed Cardcaptor Sakura super fan and a goal-oriented big dreamer at the same time. She lived most of her life in Manila, Philippines. She moved to Japan last April 2011 and experienced her first earthquake in the land of the rising sun right after she reached Narita airport. Almost 4 years later, she is still alive, kicking, and blogging her dreams in the world of cuteness.

Her main blog, Rainbowholic, serves as an online documentation of her Japan discoveries, travels, and real-life experiences. Kaila has been blogging since she was 14 years old. Her webpage coding & graphic design skills were all self-taught out of pure passion in learning.

Last 2013, Kaila was appointed as the first Philippine Kawaii Leader by NHK World “Kawaii International” program. One of her most prominent blog-related collaborations was her blogger participation in Amsterdam, Netherlands last 2012, wherein she was sent as the only quirky blogger from Asia. She has helped many かわいい independent brands from various countries to be introduced to the world through her work and blog.

Because of her pure love for Japan, Kaila founded “Japan Lover Me” (, an informative website and community of passionate Japan culture lovers around the world. She also co-founded “Kawaii Philippines” ( with fellow passionate kawaii leaders in her country, with the aim of spreading cuteness and sprinkling “kawaii” awareness all over the Philippine islands.

In addition, Kaila has collaborated with a local TV station in the Philippines as a producer of mini kawaii lifestyle show segments that were televised from Luzon to Mindanao. Currently, Kaila works as the Creative Director of Japonisme International, a company based in Japan that aims to become the trampoline of homegrown creative talent from Manila to Japan.. and to the world.

At the age of 20, Kaila graduated with a 4-year degree in Bachelor of Commerce major in Advertising Management from De La Salle University in Manila, where she discovered her love for strategic branding, social media + guerilla marketing, and creative brainstorming in implementing effective advertising campaigns.

Kaila dreams of setting up her own kawaii Rainbowholic café (www.rainbowholic-café.com) someday. Manila? Harajuku? Kyoto? We will know in the future.

To get to know more about Kaila’s creative work and kawaii life visions, please check:

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