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Tamagotchi Department Store in Harajuku

Tamagotchi was first sold in 1996 as it was created by Akihito of WiZ and Aki Maita of Bandai. When we were kids, it was actually one of the biggest toy trends. That was the time when internet is still booming and having a virtual pet was definitely a benchmark. (I remember having it in pink and never wanting to leave home without feeding my pet. -Ashley)

harajuku.jpg Trivia: The term tamagotchi is a portmanteau of the words “tamago” which means egg in Japanese, and the english word “watch”. Japanese characters don’t have “tch”, just chi. Thus the name, tamagotchi.

harajuku.jpg (It reminds me of my childhood. -Kaila) 

harajuku.jpg Look at these cute tamagotchi doughnuts. Noms! Kaila got lucky to find a Tamagotchi Department Store, also called as Tama Depa, close to Takeshita ark in Harajuku. Everything they sell is related to tamagotchi, of course! There are other Tama Depa located in Tokyo. Find out more about them, here.

harajuku.jpg harajuku.jpg harajuku.jpg harajuku.jpg Tamagotchi heaven, indeed!


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  1. ^-^ Kyaaahh! Nice review Ashley and Kaila, I wish I could go there too! May I know guys if what colored tamagotchis that are still available in Tama Depa? Thank you and Good Luck! Love reading your blog!

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