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Kawaii Lolita Lady Dreams Made Possible by Maison de Julietta

If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a lolita model for sometime like Misako-chan, there’s a place for you right in Harajuku!

If you want to try the lolita kawaii experience and be more practical (than spending so much for one set), Maison de Julietta is a perfect activity option for you! It’s still quite pricey but compared to the actual shopping, you can have a photoshoot of your dreams + lolita makeover for 9,980 JPY (excluding tax) right in Harajuku.

#KawaiiGoals, right? ^^v



Rough english translation from the services offered page. 

[Access Guide]

OPEN TIME: 11:00
CLOSE TIME: 21:00 (Last client 19:40)
Caution: Last order and close time sometimes change.


Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-11-6 Laforet Harajuku underground 1.5 floor Maison de Julietta
Google Maps: http://bit.ly/maison-de-julietta-google-maps


Our kawaii friends blogged about their experience too! Check the links below for their review.


Becoming Lolita by Sweets and Brains

“Overall, it was a wonderful experience even if it was quite short (maybe just a few minutes over an hour?). Everyone was very pleasant and tried their best to communicate and make the whole experience super enjoyable for me. The clothes selection was pretty good and the makeup didn’t cause any skin reaction heheh. I had an incredible time and I think it’s an experience worth trying out if you’re really into kawaii. It’s a bit expensive so there’s that to think about. I think I spent around $120, I know it’s a lot to shell out for a mini makeover but my thought is that this isn’t something I could experience in back Korea, New Zealand or the Philippines. Mwahaha. I thought it was worth it, but you may think differently.”

More info from their website (in English) here: www.maison-de-julietta.net/english


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