Kawaii Things To Do in Tokyo: Harajuku, Shibuya, Nippori, Shimokitazawa and Ueno

Konnichiwa Kawaii Travelers!

Kaila here! I am currently on a blogging spree to make up for the months I went inactive last year. For this blog post, I will share some information about my favorite places in Tokyo: Harajuku, Shibuya, Nippori, Shimokitazawa and Ueno!

Please look forward to our “Kawaii Purikura Guide in Tokyo” that we will be sharing in the future as well! ^_^


If you are a huge fan of kawaii culture like we do, a first stop in Harajuku is highly recommended! Don’t go to other places first, lololol. Just kidding! ; )

Whenever I would tour my friends around Harajuku, I’d bring them to purikura machines (neoprint / photo sticker booths), favorite kawaii boutiques, Harajuku crepe & tapioca shops, cutest cafes, and other colorful places (such as Design Festa Gallery).

If I want to be transported in another and more peaceful place, I would just go and walk to Meiji Shrine and enjoy the fresh air and lush green trees. Harajuku = Modern + traditional Japan mixed perfectly!

I love Harajuku because it’s such an inspiring place! Just seeing people pass by flaunting their colorful selves and chid-like beauty is already inspirational for me. Harajuku makes me want “to be me”.



If you’re tired of Harajuku already (maybe after a week of visiting that place, or maybe never…. hahaha), you can just go walk to the Shibuya neighborhood / ward. I think that it’s good exercise after you much on the yummy Harajuku crepes / desserts. Just follow the JR Yamanote Line / rail tracks (Shibuya direction, of course) and enjoy the scenic view! You will be surprised to see a lot of hidden spots + cool graffiti along the way! :)

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Try the Unique Japanese Kind of Sweetness at Ginza Cozy Corner

Hello Kawaii Travelers!

If you are on a hunt for the delicious Japanese strawberry shortcakes you’ve been seeing from some anime series you’ve watched, we at OurKawaii.Tokyo highly recommend Ginza Cozy Corner.

They have a lot of branches all over Tokyo / Japan so you’ll probably encounter one when you travel. As far as I could remember, they have a stall inside JR Shinjuku station and Nakano (towards Nakano Broadway). You can check this link for the complete list of branches. Just use Google translate to translate the page into English. : )

ginza cozy corner 16 ginza cozy corner 10

A must-try: Ginza Cozy Corner’s signature strawberry shortcake!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.14.06 PM

Coming to Tokyo this Autumn season? Perfect!

You can try the seasonal sweets being offered this Autumn!

L20150901170608_4 L20150901170803_4

If you are also a Disney fan like we do, we know that you wouldn’t be able to resist this Mickey Mouse pumpkin cake!

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