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10 Facts About Kaila & Ashley

Hello everybody! Good morning & good evening wherever you are!

To get to know us, here are some facts about ourselves that we haven’t revealed (maybe??) before. ^^

Kaila & Ashley

10 random things about Kaila

  1. I am usually mistaken for a highschooler because of my mommy’s baby genes, hehe.
  2. I moved to Japan last 2011 right after finishing my thesis in my university because of my language school’s schedule . I went back to Manila after a month for my graduation (because after 4 years of hard work, how can I not march haha). Btw, did you know that Ashley and I also went to the same univ? But she graduated earlier. Wish we met earlier too, haha!
  3. I find it hard to befriend maps. Haha. I’d always rely on my friends when they are with me because if it’s the other way around, we’d probably get lost together lol.
  4. I had a gallbladder disease / infection (gallstone attacks) at the age of 21 (or was it 22?). *_* I “healed” myself by drinking lots of Aloe vera juice & positivity, haha.
  5. I love collaborating with people & getting creative with them.
  6. Besides the cotton-candy blue color, I also love apple red.
  7. I collect toys & hoard kawaii things that I don’t really need. :))
  8. I don’t live in Tokyo.. and I’m actually based in Saitama prefecture.
  9. I passed the Japanese driving license exam (only 2 takes, haha achievement in life) but I don’t drive a car here. I still prefer public transportation and walkingggg.
  10. I am the youngest & only girl in the family. I have 4 older brothers… and the youngest onii-san and I are 6 years apart. :))

10 random things about Ashley

  1. My dream is to be a polyglot when I was younger so aside from English and Filipino, I studied French in university for three years and now, Japanese.
  2. I am not fond of listening to j-pop except for funky monkey babys (but not all the time) but I liked Kyary Pamyu Pamyu when I saw her perform live. She is definitely a personality! My type of music is kind of sensual, romantic and girly like Petite Meller.
  3. I’m in a long distance relationship for 5 years now.  We’ve been together officially 5 months after I moved to Japan in 2009.
  4. Hamburgers are not my favourite thing in the world until I tasted burger in Japan! My current favourites are The Great Burger and café Hohokam in Harajuku.
  5. Being the Potter head that I am, I’ve visited Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year (2014) for 4 times with different group of friends.
  6. I have low attention span for series thus I can’t watch One Piece or Naruto but I love rewatching Doraemon and Card Captor Sakura from time to time. I relate myself with Tomoyo personality-wise.
  7. If I have to pick between nature and city, I’d pick nature without a doubt. It’s a tough decision because I’ve grown to love Tokyo so much. But just imagine the beautiful hydrangea gardens in Kamakura or Miyazaki, wisterias in Ashikaga, Fuji Shibazakura, tulips and roses in Huis Ten Bosch, Kawazuzakura, plum blossoms in Soga Bairin and of course Cherry Blossoms!!
  8. Coco Ichiban and Saboten are my favourite Japanese fast food / restaurant. Because, katsu.. If you’re my family / friend, you’ll know about my obsession about this.
  9. What I miss most about the Philippines is our awesome beaches, I used to go to Boracay every summer because that’s my mother’s hometown but I haven’t been to a proper beach for years now. Looking forward for my Bacolod trip this September. Any suggestions for places to go?
  10. My first time in Japan was 14 years ago during Spring! I still feel kilig every single day that I spent exploring this country. E di wow, true love!

We both like..

  • Sending postcards
  • Pastel blue color
  • Taking pictures
  • Traveling
  • Blogging (obviously ~)
  • Reading books
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • Being lolas (grandmas) and stay (means working) at home
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Going home to Manila (just because there’s no place like home)
  • Eating (lol lol lol)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading these~ as much as we enjoyed writing random things about ourselves, haha!

Love, Kaila & Ashley


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